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Alabama Gun Permit

Getting an Alabama gun permit doesn't mean you're a cowboy, thug, or part of a militia. Every US citizen has the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court has ruled that right can not be abridged, except under a range of conditions that are necessary to enable to society to exist peacefully with the exercising of this right. Each state legislature passes laws regulating the right to keep and bear arms, and a variety of conditions must be met in order for the individual to exercise the right. Not only that, but there are a variety of federal laws that regulate what can and can not be done while exercising the right.

In Alabama, no permit is required to purchase a handgun, and handgun registration is not required. Furthermore, no license is required to own one, but a permit is required in order to carry one. This includes carrying one in a vehicle. Exceptions are allowed when transporting a gun between home and a place of business.

A person may not legally carry a concealed gun unless they have the same permit that allows them to carry a gun. Permits are granted by Sheriff's offices to persons residing in unincorporated areas of the county. Even carrying a concealed air gun is unlawful. Guns contained within shooting canes are also illegal. But carrying a concealed gun in one's own home, place of business, or on one's own property is not a crime. No law enforcement officer is going to come in and inspect the home to see if someone is doing that because it is not unlawful. However, if law enforcement has a warrant to search a house or place of business, they may lawfully enter and search. However, it would still not be a crime for a weapon to be concealed under such circumstances.

In Alabama, what a person does with a gun when not shooting it is just as important as what the do when they are firing it. Even with a permit to carry a concealed weapon, a person in possession of a handgun may not enter public gatherings, such as a public rally, a church, a sporting event, or parade. City, state and federal buildings are off limits, too. Any public building where firearms are specifically prohibited is off limits, as well, such as an airport or courthouse.
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